BeFunky….everyone can use a bit of funky

Name: BeFunky
Cost: Free for some features ($25/year for full features)
Type: Internet tool
Rating: 4/5

BeFunky logoThe first draw towards this tool was the title: BeFunky. I’m not really the funky type, though I sometimes accidentally hit on funky and claim that it was intentional. The second draw was the website’s slogan: Photo Editing and Graphic Design Made for Everyone. Since I’ve spent more time as a student than not, I’m all for gaining ground on other careers without going back to school. The photo editing aspect is like PicMonkey, though perhaps with a few other options, such as adding mustaches to your photos. The tool allows you to create collages to bring together several photos (and perhaps add text), along with a “Designer” mode that provides templates for a variety of situations (e.g., creating a menu or invitation image). I am not at a “social” point in my life, where menus, invitations, and thank you cards are needed, but I’m realizing that perhaps my blog could use a bit of help. I generally let my photos and graphics speak for themselves, but the design aspect of this tool allowed me to consider how text can enhance the photos.

BeFunky's Artsy Options

Like PicMonkey, there are themes and overlays you can add to your photos. Here are a few options.

Goal: Find an easy to use tool for creating graphic design like projects or graphics (with text) to use in the classroom.


  • There is a brief tour when you first get started, though the tools are fairly intuitive. As you use the tool, there are pop-up windows with further insights, so just start clicking if you need more tutoring.
  • No login or registration is required.
  • There’s an app version.
  • Really easy to use. Start with a design template. Swap out the photo for your own (even adjust the photo coloring, etc.), if you don’t like the one in the template, and then modify the text as needed. Done.
  • Your completed photo can be saved as JPG or PNG to your computer or you can upload it to various social media options. Quick and easy.


  • Slightly addictive. There are several free templates and other features to play around with, so be prepared to drop into the abyss and lose hours at a time.
  • If you are even a little experienced with graphic design (and related tools), then this tool is too simplistic for you since you don’t need to start with simple templates to edit photos and add text. (But if you’re pressed for time, then see the Benefits listed above.)
  • Related to the previous point, the infographic templates are simple, yet tedious to swap out the existing information in the template. I would not use BeFunky for these types of projects. (See Piktochart instead.)
  • If Flash crashes while designing, your work is completely lost.
  • In order to access some graphics, you need to create a login. (But, the “free” options are pretty nice if you choose Pixabay.)

Insider View: Have a goal in mind before using the tool. Otherwise, as mentioned above, you’ll lose hours just playing around with the various options in the photo editing, collage, and design sections.

Final Thoughts: Great tool for simple projects, such as adding a “textbox” to a photo, creating a graphic header/logo, or photo collage (even those appropriate for Pinterest or blogs). More complicated designs, such as infographics or “step by step” graphics are not the strength of the free version of this tool.


Samples: I tried out each of the sections the tool provides: photo editing, collage, and design.

Sample of photo editing

I used the “auto adjust” on this photo, where the sun was bright, but the flowers were in shadow. I only cropped it then and “cloned” out a dead bug hanging from the bottom of one of the flowers.

BeFunky Collage sample

Obviously, this is the collage sample. You can shift the photos from side to side to center them a little, or you can edit each photo to crop (etc.).

BeFunky design sample

I started with a template, then changed the photo to one of my own, edited the text, and then changed the template’s colors (I like green).

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