Random Tip #1: Lynda.com access

Lynda logoThis isn’t a technology review post, but rather just a random tip about technology. Lynda.com is a great website for tutorials on popular software (and other technologies, skills, and concepts), but the free videos are often limited. I actually avoided this website until recently because I didn’t care for getting invested in a course just for it to end (with a prompt to pay for access). But, I was recently enlightened that my local public library has an account with Lynda.com so that my library card and PIN serves gets me into the pay version of the site. My property taxes at work! It’s really exciting, actually, to be able to watch my property taxes as I view the 3.5 hour Photoshop course. Not all the videos are quality or insightful, but the site certainly provides many quality videos beyond what you can dig up on YouTube.

So, check to see if your library or other resource (e.g., organization, school, workplace) subscribe to Lynda.com. If not, perhaps you may want to ever-so-politely ask your head librarian if that can be a possibility in the near future.

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