Carrie HanniganAs a technology crash test dummy, I spend many hours playing around with software and Internet tools that might help me produce amazing media for my online classrooms, or might just result in an epic fail that students ignore. I’ve been teaching online for over 10 years, and thoroughly enjoy creating supplemental learning materials for my students. It is my hope that this blog can provide insights to help other educators recognize tools that are worth their time.

Warning #1: I’m a technical writer with a dry sense of humor (in other words, I’m a geek who thinks she’s funny, especially after morning coffee). You’ve been warned.
Warning #2: I am not an IT major. I have a working knowledge of HTML and I know that UNIX is not an British band.


There’s a bit more information about me at my website: carriehannigan.com

Also, I’ve started posting some of my photos either for free or for sale:


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