….a few more features than a telegram

Cost: Free (pay version provides many more options)
Type: Internet tool
Rating: 1/5 logoMy Piktochart post already revealed my hidden desire to be a graphic designer in my next life. While I like Piktochart, I still am on the hunt for other infographic tools that provide different templates that are easy to modify for my needs. I’m also trying to figure out if Piktochart is my favorite, thus worth investing in a yearly subscription. I don’t know what it is about infographics that really engage my interest beyond the combination of text, color, and graphics (as compared a black/white text document). Perhaps it is a love for movie and concert posters, which draw me in emotionally as I follow the sort of story being told visually and textually. Maybe it’s because infographics allow me to cram a lot of information into one graphic without experiencing the guilt I feel with 10 PowerPoint slides with the same information.

Infogram workspace view 1

This is where you start….the templates look pretty much the same except for font and colors since you can swap out the information for your own.

Goal: Find an infographic tool with more (free) options to create how-to and brief concept overviews for students.


  • After logging in, an Infogram support chatbox pops up. So, if you don’t like to feel alone, you can chat with their support right away. (A quick browse of the website didn’t reveal tutorials, so perhaps the chat is needed.)
  • The various chart options are pretty good looking. Some allow color and size modifications to the content you add/edit.
  • Embed code is provided for final version.


Infogram share options

These are the “share” options for the free version.

  • Cannot use “rich text editing” without upgrading, which means you are stuck with the font style provided in the template. This is a big deal for me….I don’t like being constrained this much, especially since some of the template options don’t have enough contrast for the visually impaired (or those who just don’t want to put their reading glasses on).
  • No graphic or shape library to choose from. You need use your own graphics or use the pay version to add that type of visual interest.
  • Need to upgrade to download the completed file. The only option is to share the completed file with everyone on the web.

Infogram workspace view 2

Pretty simple workspace view since there are few editing options.

Insider View:Think about how you can put your information into a chart, which will give you several design options with this tool. In the sample below, I used a table for my list of steps and a “tree map” for key words/concepts.

Final Thoughts: I really wanted to like this tool, but I really dislike the limited features. I can’t be creative with text and visuals beyond charts. It is likely a good tool for those who need to share the infographic on a variety of platforms.


Samples: There’s only one sample since I wasn’t impressed enough with the tool to dedicate more time to using it for other projects. Just so you know, clicking on the infographic below will take you to the website where the image is stored. I didn’t have to build in this feature, as it’s included in the embed code.

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