Random Tip #5: Free Power Point Templates

FPPT.com logoThis website wasn’t extensive enough to be categorized as a tool and warrant a full review, so I opted for a Random Tip. You do need to be familiar with PowerPoint (and have access to that software) in order to find any value in this post. The FPPT website (www.free-power-point-templates.com) provides access to a variety of PPT templates that can be used in almost every situation (e.g., business, education, medical, religious, etc.).

Some things to be aware of:

  • There are advertisements on this website–some in the form of links that look like they’re part of the website’s content, and others are annoyingly flashing. The ads also slows down the loading process of the pages.
  • You need to download a zip file to obtain the template.
  • Although text can be added/changed on each slide, along with modification to the layout, you cannot change the graphics on the slides. For example, there was a beach graphic on a slide that I wanted to swap out with a different photo, while still keeping the same overall design.
  • Most of the templates don’t have the diversity in slide design that is available through MS PowerPoint. In other words, you get a title slide and text slide (i.e., two slide designs) versus MS PowerPoint templates. There are exceptions, where the FPPT template will have a few different slide designs for the template, but you don’t know that until you download and open it.
  • For several of the templates, you can remove the FPPT logo/website. I didn’t see any mandates on the site that you need to give the website credit for the template.
  • There is a blog with some interesting insights about using the different templates. There isn’t an indication as to how often the blog is updated.
The highlight of this website is that it provides backgrounds for slides that might be more professional or graphically designed than what you might be able to do on your own. The zip file you download will have the JPG version of the background graphics, so you can add it to an existing PPT you’ve created if you don’t want to copy/paste all your content into the PPT template file you download. This is especially good for those folks who can create their own templates (modifying font and layout as needed).
FPPT.com category view

To find the categories of all the templates available, either click on a “tab” at the top of the screen, or scroll to the bottom of that first page to see these buttons.

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