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Cost: free (limited options)
Type: Internet tool
Rating: 2/5 LogoAt this point, you may be asking, “What’s wrong with PowerPoint? Why keep reviewing different slide presentation software options?” Honestly, I like PowerPoint (even the older versions). But, I fear that my use of PowerPoint for many many years has stunted my creativity and design abilities. I don’t often even try different features in PowerPoint any more. It’s not the software’s fault, but my “shortcut brain” taking the easy route every time I open PowerPoint. So, I keep looking for different tools on the Internet. It’s kind of like looking for a new job when your current job isn’t so bad….job searching helps you appreciate your existing job (at least for a few months). is a free tool, but probably doesn’t meet my needs as a way to engage student interest or further develop my design skills. To me, it seems like this tool was developed for a specific group of users, though the website is not clear on the group they’re really trying to appeal to.

Goal: Create “inspired” presentations Workspace View 1

This is what the blank workspace looks like


  • Allows you to add math and programming code. I teach writing (English), so I don’t have use for these features, but perhaps math and IT instructors recognize the value.
  • Forces me to consider simplicity in design, as the themes are not graphically focused (e.g., colored background with white/black font).
  • Although I have not tried this feature, you can use your smart phone to advance slides while giving the presentation. Kind of a cool idea if you are not standing next to your laptop when giving a presentation.
  • I really like the gridlines in the workspace to help me line up graphics and text. I’m not very good at eye-balling it without guidance.


  • There is a quick tutorial when you first open the workspace, but it really doesn’t provide many insights. If you know what you’re looking for and why, then the blog and support pages are helpful, though not detailed.
  • No media library to draw from. It’s BYOM (bring your own media). And, there is a 10MB file limit on what can be uploaded. Workspace View 2

Here is the workspace after I started adding some content

Insider View: I don’t have much to offer on this one! It’s easier to use this tool if you already have content to paste into the slides, though you may need to adapt your visualized outcome to be pretty basic (no frills) if you’re accustomed to PowerPoint and Prezi.

Final Thoughts: The rating for this software is unfair, as I don’t think I’m the target audience. It’s a very simple slide presentation tool if you don’t have any need for the more advanced features (e.g., inclusion of math formulas and coding language, editing CSS or HTML versions of the slides).



Just one sample. Not much to think about.

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