CoolText….letting me pretend I’m a cool graphic designer

Name: CoolText
Cost: Free 
Type: Internet tool
Rating: 2/5
CoolText Logo

I wish I could be a graphic designer when I grow up. I would have brilliant ideas of forming text/graphics that look like logos or clipart. Well, I have the ideas, but just not the ability to create the graphics. I can fiddle around with Word Art in Word, but still come up with something that looks like what 10 thousand other Word users have created and added to their fliers for a bake sale or lost pet. CoolText is a tool that lets me pretend I’m a graphic designer, without further time in school (thankfully!).

Goal: Create eye-catching text to emphasize a key point in a presentation, going beyond the capabilities of Word’s Word Art, which is limited and cumbersome.


  • Free to use, without downloading any software, and I didn’t need to create an account in order to design and download my first image. But to save the HTML code, an account was required
  • A variety of preset color and highlight options for each font style, and you can add a symbol for further visual interest
  • The background is transparent (one of the “save as” options), so it looks more professional than having the white or black background when pasting into a PowerPoint slide or Word doc


  • Some of the font choices are not clearly readable, though they are creative. The message might be lost in the interpretation of each letter if the message is a phrase or sentence. (As a technical writer, I always have issues with readability and accessibility.)
  • The site is very quirky with Firefox. The preview would not load, and when adding a symbol, several were added when I only selected one. IE was better.
  • “Download Image” gives an error message. I needed to go to HTML code, log in, agree to terms, and then right click on the image (or go to provided URL to see the image)
  • Ads are not just distracting, but seem to make Firefox freeze while trying to create the logo.


Insights: The preview box at the top of the screen allows for clicking and dragging, so I could move the symbol to align better with the text. You can click the right hand corner of the preview box to make the box bigger and easier to navigate.

Final Thoughts: Fairly easy to use, with options not available in Word or PPT.


Samples: This first sample combines text and a basic graphic. It took some maneuvering to get everything lined up, but was easy to create overall.

CoolText Sample1






The second sample went with a little different style in that the text and symbol looked like individual buttons.

Cooltext Sample 2

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