Carrie Hannigan is a full-time instructor in the General Education's Department of Composition at Kaplan University. She has been teaching composition and technical communication online courses at KU for over ten years. Furthermore, she serves as a creative non-fiction editor of the university’s internal literary journal, Capstone. In order to further explore her creative writing interests, Carrie teaches writing and literature courses in the Humanities Department at Illinois Institute of Technology.  Previously taught courses include Science Fiction, Sherlock Holmes, and Workshop in Creative Writing.

Prior to pursuing a full-time teaching career, Carrie worked in a variety of roles, including as a technical writer, for a legal text publishing company.  Her ten years of professional experiences in this environment contributes to real-world scenarios she brings to her classrooms, along with the ability to teach adults new concepts and processes.

Currently, Carrie is pursuing her PhD in Technical Communication at Illinois Institute of Technology, where her dissertation will focus on the development of digital literacies in online composition (writing) courses for college students.  Much of her research influences her teaching style and course development, such as the reliance on digital media to enhance lesson content and her creation of supplemental videos for students.

Check out Carrie's blog to read her trials (and errors) with technology: